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AADSH Application

The AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF DOCUMENTED SPORTS HANDICAPPER'S (AADSH) is now accepting entrants in its football handicapping programs. The reason for the participation in AADSH events is (1) our great variety of sources to promote our member handicappers and their accomplishments, (2) the enormous number of relevant email advertising to people who want to receive this information and (3) the high credibility of the AADSH among the recipients.

Doing well in AADSH is the best way known to achieve nationwide prominence as a Sports Service and Professional Sports Handicapper. Throughout each week’s leaders will receive inquiries and a chance to sign up new clients. You don’t have to win to be a winner.


  • Your name/contact information is listed in our members page.
  • Direct email inquires to your email address from readers.
  • Direct deposits to your merchant account. We never see your orders, they come directly from your merchant with detailed buyer information of name, address and email address.
  • Each week the top 5 leaderboard of top performers is showcased in our AADSH website.
  • Membership iincludes the right to use, in your website, the registered ‘SEAL’ of the Association to verify your AADSH accomplishments.
  • You will have an authenticated, documented record of your handicapping performance for the season.
  • AADSH allows you to place handicapping articles in our website, with links back to your website. Must choose link option.
  • You will be allowed to use your accomplishments in this website, as brand ad space when you offer free picks.
  • The combined impact of AADSH circulation and influence far exceeds the power generated by any other monitoring or handicapping contests.
  • A certificate of achievement as an award winning handicapper will be awarded to the Top 3 finishers with most points earned.
  • Last but not least, any handicapper who produces an average  60% winners after three straight years will be automatically invited by our parent company Gridiron Gold to be one of their professional football handicappers. Featured the same as all the other Gridiron Gold handicappers.

Do you dare go head to head with other handicapper's to earn the right to be named the AADSH #1 documented football handicapper?


The fees for our monitoring service are listed here. Keep in mind, this is a business that uses net income for expenses and advertising for the strict purpose for truth in sports handicapping.

AADSH Marketing Efforts:

  1. Website banner & expert SEO marketing efforts. Banner advertising, pay per click & links from .
  2. The AADSH will continually be seeking venues to promote our association. It behooves you to be recognized early as it will carry over to future seasons.      

AADSH Application

The AADSH handicapping format, procedures and rules are copyrighted material. No copying of any items in this website will be allowed without written consent from the AADSH. If you're a webmaster who would like to use any of our material, please email for permission.


Special Note               

We're a sports pick monitor for sport handicappers with integrity and honesty. Our handicappers go head to head in our sports handicapping contests. All results are monitored and posted for the public to see. The AADSH is here for four main reasons:
1) Showcase legitimate handicapping prowess.
2) Have a place to search for honest handicappers.
3) Give the public a venue to observe and read about picks from sports handicappers.
4) Create a space where scamdicappers fear to tread