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Anyone who has lived on the street has heard the term 'wiseguy". Some wonder about the correct definition of a wiseguy. From the streets, a sports gambler labeled a "wiseguy" refers to a knowledgeable sports bettor. By knowledgeable it's not just knowing the game of football. A NY wiseguy is a sports gambler who is connected to some of the biggest sports players, and strongest betting lines in the nation.

Yes, the sports odds are posted in Vegas, but NY betting lines are the strongest in the nation. Line moves come out of NY much quicker that Las Vegas. In our world, news flows east to west. Hence, this information, player status, weather, smart money plays and line moves, along with knowledge of sports betting, gives the NY Wiseguy Sports Picks a distinct advantage over other sports bettors. After all, what do people pay for in this world? It can summed up in one word - KNOWLEDGE! Whether its stocks or sports betting, a wiseguy in the know makes money.

We've been picking winners for years by simply waiting for the right opportunities to present themselves. When we see such an opportunity, we bang the books (vegas & offshore) with our wiseguy knowledge.



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We're a sports pick monitor for sport handicappers with integrity and honesty. Our handicappers go head to head in our sports handicapping contests. All results are monitored and posted for the public to see. The AADSH is here for four main reasons:
1) Showcase legitimate handicapping prowess.
2) Have a place to search for honest handicappers. 
Give the public a venue to observe and read about picks from sports handicappers.
4) Create a space where scamdicappers fear to tread


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